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Оптический кабель IKC-M

Cable in ducts armoured with corrugated steel tape, cable with inner sheath
Protective covering (polyethylene)
Outlying power component (steel wire)
Corrugated steel tape armoured
Inner sheath (polyethylene)
Optical modules
Optical fibers
Central element (FRP rod)
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1. Protective covering (polyethylene)
2. Outlying power component (steel wire)
3. Corrugated steel tape armoured
4. Inner sheath (polyethylene)
5. Optical modules
6. Optical fibers
7. Central element (FRP rod)
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Range of application: fiber-optic transmission systems in public telecommunication networks, service networks and dedicated networks if connected to the public communication network, installation in grounds 1-3 types and in rodent- infested grounds as also in cable duct systems, pipes, over bridges and overpasses, for installation in asphalt and concrete pavement.

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Волоконно-оптический кабель
Тип оптического волокна
Количество оптических волокон
Тип оптического волокна (2)
Количество оптических волокон (2)
Тип центрального силового элемента
Количество элементов сердечника
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Number of optical fibers in a cable
up to 288
Number of core elements
4, 6, 8, 9, 12
Number of optical fibers in a module
up to 24
Max tensile load rating
2.7 kN
Tensile static load rating
2.2 kN
from 9.9 mm
Bend radius
20 cable diameters
Cable weight
from 101.1 kg/km
Crush resistance
0.4 kN/cm
Impact resistance
10 J
Electrical insulation resistance
2000 MOm*km


Cable version with other number of optical fibers is available on request


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